Merchandise Displays – 7 Tips for Creating Winning Displays

What You Need To Do For Effective Merchandise Displays

As a business owner, you have just a few seconds to grab a shopper’s attention and, if you’re lucky, a few minutes to influence that shopper to buy your product. According to Shop! Sixty-eight percent of all in-store purchases are impulse-driven. For retailers and CPGs, the way a product looks in-store can directly affect purchasing decisions. That’s why it’s crucial to invest in professional retail display fabrication and merchandise displaydesigns. Here are some tips to consider when executing and installing retail merchandise displays that POP.

m and m name display wall sign for coffee cups with names on them

1. Consider Colors and Shapes 

Bold design, bright colors, and vivid imagery on your merchandise display have the potential to deliver serious purchasing influence to customers. The suggestive power of color can work to your advantage while still adhering to brand standards. For example, warm colors trigger impulse, while cool colors trigger a healthy feeling.

In addition to color, unique display shapes and sizes stand out on shelves and in the aisles within your product category. These unique designs are more likely to catch the eyes of customers in the store. Curves on signage are proven to generate more sales, especially in the beauty and makeup category.

Cell Phone Repair merchandise display executed by KDM.

2. Opt for sturdy substrates

Display durability is critical. Your retail merchandise display must be able to withstand the typical wear and tear caused by general store traffic in order to maintain an appealing look. If you know that your products will be showcased in a busy location within your retail environment—or you are displaying high-ticket items— invest in strong, long-lasting retail showcases and store displays made of plastic or metal.

paint comparison

3. Message Hierarchy and Positioning Matters

A clear message and call to action on your merchandise display is crucial. Positioning and hierarchy are just as important. There is no need to address every single product feature in your retail display. Keep it simple with just a few words that appeal to consumer needs and wants. Also there are benefits to using bold and easy-to-read fonts that display pricing in a legible manner.

Beef Jerky Interior Design Wall Display Point Of Purchase Signage

4. Stimulate the Senses

Don’t rely on visuals alone to communicate your message to customers. Create experiential displays as a retail sales promotion strategy. One way to appeal to your customers’ senses is by allowing them to sample your product. If sampling is not feasible, simulate what it would be like to use or consume your product and illustrate the results or benefits. While you should be creative with your point of purchase displays, they must be intuitive in order to be most effective. If sound, scent, or motion technology is used to get a shopper’s attention, they must know exactly what they are supposed to do. Communicate to your customer with direct messages like “Smell This” or “Press Button To Play,” and include arrows pointing to the desired action.

5. Find a Reason to Celebrate

Some of the best retail merchandise displays complement a special occasion or a seasonal celebration. CPGs and retailers are especially good at executing this around the holidays or major sporting events in the area. Think of all those neat store displays that get you in the holiday spirit or excited for the Superbowl. That’s the type of imagery that gets people interested in your product and more motivated to buy.

Divers Direct retail environment executed by KDM.

6. Keep Displays Stocked and Clean

Be easy on the eyes of your customers. Determine how many products you should display without the display becoming excessive. Give shoppers a link between the visual signage and the message within it by creating an uncluttered design that includes some empty space. And always make sure shelves are restocked to avoid empty retail merchandise displays. 

7. Ensure Proper Execution

The power of POP print has been proven time and again, boosting sales as much as twohundred percent! There is an expectation that a display will, in its totality, make it to the retail floor. However, materials either never reach their intended destination, are obsolete by the time they get there. They are not placed in their proper location or are simply never installed and end up in the trash. So, make sure you have the appropriate auditing processes in place to ensure the well-thought-out retail merchandise displays are implemented as intended.

Common Merchandise Displays

  • Grid Walls
  • Point-Of-Purchase Displays
  • Peg Board/Peg Board Walls
  • Table Displays
  • Isle-Style Shelving
  • Behind-Counter Shelving

Hopefully, our tips inspire you to create award-winning point of purchase displays. Need more inspiration? Visit our retail merchandise displays gallery. Need help executing professional retail merchandise displaysKDM can help! Learn about our retail merchandise display services!  Please feel free to contact us  with any questions you may have

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