Retail Showcases

Retail Showcases

Display cases make it easy to show off the items you have in stock while catching the attention of every customer passing by. From glass display cases to tower cases, KDM offers a wide variety of showcases for every type of retail store.

Whether you want to show off store fixtures or valuable merchandise, a quality showcase can create an unmatched presentation with just as much versatility.

Showcases, Counters, and Retail

Display Cases

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Checkout counters can do more than ring up customers. Retail display cases at the checkout counter are the final effort to sway a customer’s buying decision before walking out of the store. An alluring display case can grab your customer’s attention and influence their buying decision.  

Trophy, Tower, and Wall Display Cases.

Tower and wall display cases are versatile and hard to miss. With LED lighting options, you can easily draw attention to your top products. You can place tower display cases against the wall or in the middle of your store to increase product recognition.

Trophy retail display cases are ideal for displaying your most valuable items. With eye-catching and elegant styles, you can almost guarantee to catch the attention of your customers.

Trophy and tower display cases come in various shapes and sizes to fit any retail store. From single shelf displays to highlight promotional sales to multi-shelf cases that can hold several items at once, KDM can help you find the ideal retail display cases for your store.

Glass and Acrylic Display Cases for Countertops.

Glass showcases and acrylic displays create an unmatched sense of elegance with the added benefit of security. Display cases for countertops are ideal for gift shops and jewelry stores with expensive or valuable products. Although you want every customer to have access to these items, keeping them in a secure and theft-proof location is essential.

A glass display case offers both transparency for the customer and peace of mind for employees. In addition, many display designs for counters come with lighting components to really make your items shine.

Although glass cases create a timeless and elegant look, acrylic displays offer more durability and less reflection. Acrylic cases have high impact resistance, making them less likely to break in case of accidents. They are a popular option for counters that hold the weight of various store fixtures like a phone or cash register.

Benefits of Retail Store Showcases

With several available styles and structural options, retail stores can find the best showcases for their products. Whatever type of business you have, let KDM help you promote your sales and products with high-quality displays.

Showcases help businesses account for their products while presenting them in a way that attracts their customers’ attention. When you want to show off what you have in stock, KDM is here to offer chic and stylish display options.

Let KDM help you show off your products with the best showcases and displays around. Call us at (855) 232-7799 to learn more about our services.

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