Retailers are always focused on driving more in-store sales. How can you bring in more traffic, encourage repeat patronage and increase customer frequency? Here are three great tips for improving your retail sales promotion strategy.

1. Be Local, Be Relevant

One size does not fit all when it comes to your in-store marketing efforts. Your marketing strategy will need to be adjusted for different demographics and retail locations. Considerations may include rural vs. urban areas, age and race of the population, and geographic location; such as near the beach or the mountains. Check out our recent KDM Blog regarding franchise solutions for some ideas on how to stay local and relevant in each location.

2. Design Your Store to Sell

Your store décor, signage and graphics are key to driving sales, which is why so much thought goes into designing the retail environment. Design your store, inside and out, to make it as easy as possible for the customer to navigate, find, and buy the products they are looking for. Retail signage is so effective at influencing and driving sales that shoppers often remember signage as part of the shopping experience. Use signage to your advantage! Check out our KDM Blog regarding Retail Signage Best Practices.

3. Utilize Technology to Help Manage Your Efforts

In-store marketing promotions can be difficult to manage if you have multiple locations and, as mentioned above, every store is not a cookie cutter. Store Profiling tools are a vital component to being successful – by capturing local data, eliminating waste and increasing your ROI on your marketing spend.

KDM offers retail brands a solution called INTELLITRAK™, our proprietary online ordering platform, that does just that. Contact us to learn how KDM can help your brand Market Smarter.