Expertise fuels KDM’s success. Each member of our thought leadership team has years of experience that helps them push the retail industry, and our client’s objectives, forward. Over the next few months, many of them will be writing informative, instructive, interesting posts for the KDM Blog. We’d like to take this opportunity to introduce them individually so that you can get to know the amazing leadership team helping our retail customer’s Market Smarter at the point-of purchase.

Simon Meachin, VP Business Development
Simon joined KDM in 2015 and was heavily involved in the strategic development and subsequent success of KDM’s Single Source Procurement Solution. Simon brings over 30 years of printing industry experience to KDM with a background in corporate finance, general and commercial offset, and direct mail. Originally from the United Kingdom, he has held management positions for City Response Group, HHA Direct, St. Ives Group, Communigraphics Ltd and Westward Group. Since moving to the USA, Simon has worked in managerial capacities with Imaging Technologies Inc, Synq Solutions and Archway. Simon is a graduate of the London College of Printing.

Vince Kramer, Sales Operations Manager
Vince joined KDM in 2017 as a Project Manager and later advanced to a management role. An active member of the printing industry since 1980, Vince starting in pre-press before getting into sales in 1985. With 37 years of experience in print sales, he has found a happy home at KDM.

Mike Robinson, General Manager/ Southern Region Sales Manager
Mike began his career with American Digital (now KDM Atlanta) in 2000 and has worked in just about every area of the plant. This means he knows his way around IT management, shipping/receiving, inventory management, purchasing, production management and estimating. With almost 19 years at KDM under his belt, he and the team work to prepare all levels of the organization to be customer facing and customer focused. Mike holds a degree in computer programming from the New England Institute of Technology.

David Nicoletta, General Manager, Fulfillment Services
David brings more than 29 years of experience in the printing and distribution industries to KDM, and has experience in both operational and financial capacities. As a member of the KDM Leadership Team, David is responsible for day-to-day operations, quality control and warehousing management systems. Prior to joining KDM, David was Vice President of Operations at Archway, Synq Solutions, Imaging Technologies, Cadmus Communications and M2Direct. David graduated from Grove City College in Pennsylvania with a BS in Accounting.

Chad Eastham, Director of Purchasing
Chad joined KDM in 2014. Ever since, he has overseen the purchasing of all the materials required for pretty much everything KDM produces. He has been in the packaging and printing business since 1995, and was first introduced to KDM as a supplier of packing products and printed goods. He also spent 15 years in the flexo printing industry. His expertise is in packaging, films, tapes, adhesive and adhesive products. Chad is a proud alumnus of the University of Cincinnati.

Jim Brownley, General Manager, Retail Environments
Jim joined the KDM team in 2012 and brings more than 30 years of diversified management experience in the areas of operations, project management, logistics, customer service, retail and consumer products. He inspires us to constantly exceed the expectations of our clients with his demonstrated leadership, proactive problem solving, process development and focused change management.    

Jim Jaeger, Director Retail Environments
Jim is a 25 year veteran of the retail environments industry. He has consulted and developed solutions for complete store environments for some leading retail brands, including work in interior design, décor programs, store fixtures and merchandising displays. His vast knowledge of best practice methods coupled with the latest and greatest solutions from concept to completion provide KDM’s customers with the value they expect while meeting their budgets. Jim has been with KDM since 2009.

Denver Meadows, Operations Manager, Import division
With a focus on overseas procurement of store fixtures, hardware and merchandising accessories, Denver has been involved in the importing industry for 15 years. He started as a shipping clerk and held positions as a warehouse manager and project manager, all leading to his current role as an operations manager. He has been with KDM for the past three years. 

Gene Patient, General Manager, Nashville
Gene joined KDM in 2016 at our custom plastic fabrication facility in Nashville. He brings 20 years of expertise in fabrication and design, and has built more than 500 cars and trucks for the racing industry. He led fabrication teams that built cars for the pole at the Daytona 500 and have won championships in the Truck Series. Gene has a degree in aviation technology, which covers the airframe, powerplant and avionics fields. He loves helping build a strong team in Nashville and looks forward to continued growth with KDM.

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