How to Improve Your Retail Sales Promotions

Retailers are always focused on driving more in-store sales. How can you bring in more traffic, encourage repeat patronage and increase customer frequency? Here are three great tips for improving your retail sales promotion strategy. 1. Be Local, Be Relevant One size does not fit all when it comes to…

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4 Ways to Localize Each Franchise Location Within a Brand

While every store location within a franchise chain should have the same look and feel that communicates the brand, individualizing each store to its specific location can have great benefits. Thinking local and focusing on the specific customer base for each location can improve the customer’s experience; thus improving retention,…

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How to Choose the Right Retail Fixture Design

There is more to retail design than meets the eye. A lot more. Although we often start designing our retail fixtures from a visual standpoint, the way they look is only part of the story. Effective retail fixture design starts with understanding our clients, their needs and their spaces. Capture…

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Introducing KDM’s Thought Leadership Team

Expertise fuels KDM’s success. Each member of our thought leadership team has years of experience that helps them push the retail industry, and our client’s objectives, forward. Over the next few months, many of them will be writing informative, instructive, interesting posts for the KDM Blog. We’d like to take…

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