KDM HP Indigo 12000

HP Indigo 12000 29″ digital offset press

KDM P.O.P. Solutions Group is pleased to announce that it has added the HP Indigo 12000 Digital Press to its already substantial, retail print production operations. This investment provides superior print quality, a wider color gamut, high productivity, and a broad range of retail point-of-purchase/point-of-sale (POP/POS) applications to drive growth.

The Indigo 12000 produces offset image quality with all the benefits of digital print productivity: no plates or make-ready waste and speeds up to 4,600 29 x 20 sheets per hour; all without sacrificing print quality. The press offers a wider and more accurate color gamut with up to 7 colors in one pass to include traditional CMYK, orange and violet. Other ink options include solid white, Pantone spot colors, fluorescent colors, and a clear ink for water marks.

Additionally, the press offers KDM’s customers more products and applications previously not available in small to medium press runs. Some of the new and unique paper and plastic/synthetic products include: Cling Z, clear static cling, frosted and clear plastics, Tyvek, and foils. New POP/POS applications include small packaging, plastic cards, print-on-demand, variable data printing, and collation done on press.