KDM Fundraiser a Success

December 8, 2015

KDM POP Solutions Group just finished up our biggest Fundraiser of 2015: to raise $10,000 to renovate the Winton Hills Medical Center in Cincinnati. We kicked off the fundraiser in April and held several events to raise awareness and funds from generous employee contributions and employer matches. 

The Cincinnati suburb of Hamilton County, Ohio has one of the highest infant mortality rates in the nation. One of the reasons for these high rates is because women are not seeking necessary healthcare. In an effort to encourage lower income pregnant women to seek proper prenatal healthcare, KDM partnered with Cradle Cincinnati, a local cooperative, to make an impact on lowering the infant mortality rate in Cincinnati.

Our work is not done yet. KDM is donating another $10,000 for materials to renovate the Winton Hills Medical Center located in Hamilton County. The facility is in much need of improvements. By making the healthcare facility a warm and pleasant experience, we hope that more women will come to the center to seek the prenatal care they need for a healthy pregnancy and return for their after birth child care needs.

Our talented employees are volunteering their time to design and execute the makeover of the center to begin after the holidays. The ultimate goal is to improve the outcome for Cincinnati's babies.