Quick-Service Restaurant Marketing Solutions that Leave Diners Hungry for More

In order to attract new diners and repeat customers, quick serve restaurants need to serve up more than just fast, delicious food. Smart QSRs are retrofitting their spaces to give visitors a dining experience that’s memorable and Instagram-worthy. Here are a few exciting in-store marketing solutions that are taking over quick serve restaurants near you.

Interactive Point-of-purchase Displays

chicken guy chicken guy

POP print is no longer a one-way conversation. Innovative restaurant brands are incorporating graphics into their locations that invite diners to interact with their signage. Selfie stations like this award-winning point-of-purchase display at celebrity chef Guy Fieri’s new Orlando restaurant continually generate tons of free advertising via word of mouth on social media. 

Localized Graphics

big boy

We’ve written about the importance of localized marketing within retail environments before. Localizing POP print at restaurants is no different. Knowing the nuances of specific geographic locations and highlighting certain menu items that are popular in those regions will drive sales at the point of purchase. Localized retail environments also give restaurants an opportunity to show off their neighborhood pride. An example of this can be seen at a number of recently remodeled Frisch’s Big Boy restaurants. These updated in-store graphics celebrate the unique characteristics of their respective communities. 


Complementing the entertainment value of interactive POP print, bold wall graphics give customers an authentic in-store experience. For example, the entire history of Tom+Chee is literally written on the wall. This massive piece of artwork, executed by KDM, takes you through the company’s journey to success — from its humble beginnings serving grilled cheese sandwiches under a tent in Cincinnati to the company’s appearance on the hit show, Shark Tank. This level of transparency speaks to customers in a way that connects them emotionally to the brand.


In our last blog post, we discussed how sustainability is important to grocery shoppers. The same is becoming increasingly important for diners as well. QSRs like Starbucks, McDonald’s and KFC have pledged to make their locations more sustainable. In addition to phasing out plastic straws and adopting compostable cups, fast food favorites are showing their commitment to sustainability with POP print. Fast casual burger joints like Shake Shack and BurgerFi are among a growing number of QSRs that are proud to hang retail signage that communicates their environmental stewardship.

If you’d like to incorporate any of these in-store QSR marketing solutions for your brand, we can help! Check out our QSR retail solutions or contact us

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