Screen Printing

Screen Printing


Screen printing, also known as silk screening, provides you with a cutting-edge method of printing graphics on custom t-shirts and hoodies. A screen printer utilizes thick inks that lay atop a shirt without soaking into the rest of the material. This allows for an easy way to produce bulk, custom apparel and associated products.

 At KDM, we sport large-format screen printers, offering your business the ability to design large banners, sheets, and other fabrics. Size is rarely a limiting factor, and we’ll make every effort to accommodate each customer regardless of their needs

Due to using thicker inks, this method works best for graphics needing only a few different ink colors. That said, the ink quality allows for high image detail, creating colors that pop out and attract attention. The ink is soft to the touch and creates a memorable, comfortable look.

If you need a large number of products printed, KDM highly recommends our in-house screen printing service. We prioritize results so you can meet your bottom line, delivering high-quality embroidery, inks, and shirt design so you can create the graphic of your dreams and continue to grow your business.

Large-Format Screen Printing

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Custom screen printing puts you in the driver’s seat. Production hinges entirely on your artwork and what you want out of your design, and we’re here to give you advice and make your design a reality. 

Often, clients think of custom t-shirts and other polyester garments when they consider screen printing. But with KDM’s large-format screen printers, you can create various larger designs on media, including but not limited to:

■  Sheets

■  Banners

■  Table Cloths

■  Bolts of fabric


  Sports fields and stadium coverings

Through our service, you can create affordable, high-quality products using our premium water-based inks. Reach out to us today if you have a large-scale design you need help bringing to life. We make and ship everything directly from our headquarters.

Screen Printing vs. Digital Printing

While both screen printing and digital printing have uses in creating custom shirts and apparel, each poses advantages and disadvantages based on your project’s scale, your timeframe, and what details you need to appear on your clothing.


Using a stencil – also known as a silk screen – KDM applies layers of ink to the printing surface. Through the screen printing process, we apply each color using a different wooden frame stencil in a consecutive process where the colors combine to create your design. After we press the ink into the design, we let the fabric dry and set.

This method is ideal for designs that require vibrancy and high fidelity. Likewise, screen printing works best for dark shirts and any specialty product.

When printed this way, ink applies more thickly in comparison to digital printing. This gives you the option to print bright, eye-catching colors on even dark shirts. The resulting look will be profound, sharp, and professional looking.

Screen-printed products look unique, as we print every design by hand. Therefore, this method works well for water bottles, mugs, and other uneven and curved surfaces that you could not print on using different techniques.

A screen-printed t-shirt will last for years, even when heavily washed. This method works well for light and dark shirts (and designers with something simple yet effective in mind).


Digital printing is a new process where your prints are processed by a computer and printed directly onto a shirt or other product.

Digital printing is best for products requiring a high level of detail and orders requiring a smaller quantity. This method allows the creation of photographically-realistic art. However, on account of the ink being thinner, this method should be avoided for dark garments.

Use this method if you need a shirt design for a small party like a Bar Mitzvah, where only a few hundred copies are required. However, digital will run you more money than other methods, especially when you start to account for bulk shirt orders.

We offer various print styles and methods depending on what kind of shirt order our customers have in mind. Talk to one of our experts today to learn more about how we can move forward with your shirt design.


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Our Screen Printing Capabilities

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KDM is your one-stop shop when you need t-shirts and other bulk wear printed at a cost-effective price. Our service can fill orders in the thousands, making us ideal for a customer who needs a large number of products.

Shop our site to see examples of our previous work. With our service, your company can make small-scale coffee mug designs to give out at a business event or even wide, animated banners to advertise your services. Of course, screen printing is most known for its use in designing t-shirts, and we excel in that area as well.

Contact our service when you need a lot of copies of your product. If you’re only making a few hundred t-shirts for a small party, you may find it cheaper to print using another method.

To learn more about whether or not your project is a good fit for what we offer, give us a call or fill out the form at the bottom of our page. Our experts will provide you with advice based on the scope of your project, pointing you in the right direction. Chances are, we have a service with your name on it.

Screen Printing Benefits

Some of the many benefits provided by screen printing include:

■  High material quality

■  Durability

■  Versatility

■  profitability

Our screens allow a customer to use high-quality materials, as the water-based inks will adhere to a range of surfaces. This method allows for versatility and substantial ink coverage, leading to superior image quality on shirts of any color.

Additionally, the process is relatively inexpensive compared to other printing methods, allowing a business to move forward with an apparel-based marketing campaign quickly. Screen printing is big-order friendly, allowing a company to create items in bulk relatively quickly.

The result is a product that will last through heavy wear and countless wash cycles – a feature your customer base will appreciate.

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Get Custom Large Format Screen

Printing with KDM

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Is your company ready to share your design with the world? Reach out to KDM today by calling (513) 769-3500 or filling out the form on our website. With KDM’s screen printing at your disposal, you and your team will become excellent garment designers in no time.

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