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Choosing KDM as your point-of-purchase display provider can have you filling your store or business with cost-effective marketing. Our point-of-purchase displays are sure to attract customers’ attention — and we provide quick service and guaranteed quality results.

What Are POP Displays?

POP, or point-of-purchase displays, are marketing tools often used by retailers to advertise a specific product or service. These displays come in a few forms; some of the most common are posters and stand-up signs. They can also include just about any advertising display with eye-catching graphics.

How You Can Use Your POP Display

How you use your POP display will largely depend on your brand and the services you wish to advertise.

It might be fitting for a smaller business not in retail to have a small POP display that directs consumers’ attention to your business cards. Large retail shops that want to sell their customers various products might find a flashy sign or a prominent stand-up feature with bright graphics to be higher quality advertisement options.

How A POP Print Can Help Your Business

If you understand your business’ brand and how to create an effective advertisement for it, POP displays are constructive ways to increase sales.

POP displays are essentially ads for products or services you wish to sell. If you have a sign with striking graphics and eye-catching branding that can frequently advertise that product throughout your business, customers are more likely to purchase it.

Printing Factors to Consider for Your

POP Display


Above all else, your POP print or display should be attention-grabbing. If your displays cannot capture your customers’ attention, they will be nothing more than a waste of advertising potential.

Filling your prints with graphics or company labels is one thing. Selecting the right colors for your print can elevate the POP display entirely. With KDM, you can choose from various colors to make your displays the perfect marketing tool.

Print Size

One of the most crucial considerations to make before you print your POP displays is the size you want them to come in.

It is up to you to determine whether your brand demands a giant print with crazy graphics to effectively advertise or a small, subtle sign to inform customers of your services. But whatever the answer, KDM’s print team will have you covered.


Regardless of what size sign you select or what colors of graphics you choose, you will want your displays to look good and have a clear resolution.

The best way to ensure that your displays come out looking their best is by trusting the print experts at KDM to create your advertising.


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Where to Use Point-of-Purchase


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Shop Entrance

There is no better way to direct your customers’ attention to the items you want to sell than by placing your displays at the entrance of your shop.

Placing an advertisement by the door can get your customer thinking about a specific product before they begin shopping. This can potentially increase the sales of that item.

Cash Register

Ads or displays by a store’s cash register can be equally as effective as those by the entrance. Displaying a POP print where the shopper’s experience ends can be one last reminder to pick up a product before leaving.

Open Store Areas

Many consumers don’t have a complete idea of everything they want to get when they enter a business. Placing displays in open store areas with easy access to various products can be highly effective.

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