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Project Objectives

Online Ordering Simplifies the Process & Provides Valuable Store Profile Data for Pearle Vision Stores


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Luxottica Retail operates 650 Pearle Vision retail stores. They were undergoing a storefront rebrand across all locations nationwide. Specifically, they wanted the store hours and doctors names to look consistent. 

However, depending on the state, there were different sets of rules as to how these appear. For example, if the location had a doctor on site and a retail space to purchase eye wear, then the doctor?s name must appear on one door and the hours on another.

■  Luxottica would send out a request to each location for their hours of operation and they would receive 650 faxes back. This took an enormous amount of time and resources to collate.

■  Then they took this information and had to create 650 different sets of art, based on the state’s set of rules.

■  They then sent out proofs to the retailers, waited for approvals, sent to the print vendor to produce and ship to the right location.


KDM P.O.P. Solutions Group suggested using INTELLITRAK™, our proprietary custom online ordering program that addressed all these challenges and more.

■  A template for the store hours was set up in INTELLITRAK based on the Pearle Vision store location and their set of “rules”

■  Luxottica employee or independent retailer logs into the secure site and will only see the template available to their location

■  They populate the fields with their store hours and doctor’s information and the system kicks back a proof for approval instantly. If approved, the art is complete.

■  KDM collates the orders via INTELLITRAK and sends them to production: they are digitally printed 4cp plus white on a clear, permanent outdoor pressure sensitive vinyl (PSV)

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Luxottica Retail has saved an immense amount of time and headaches in collecting and collating the orders. 

No one had to set up an art file either. The online ordering process took the Pearle Vision locations about 5 minutes, tops. The bonus is Luxottica now has a detailed report with data captured about each of the 650 store locations that can be used for multiple purposes in the future.

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