What Shoppers Want:  How Retailers Can Maximize Holiday Spending

The holiday shopping season is officially upon us and retailers are counting on shoppers to show up and spend handsomely. While apparel and electronics are always favorite gift items, what does the forecast look like for retailers outside the traditional mall? From high-ticket items to impulse buys at the point of purchase, we break down how retailers are expected to fare this holiday shopping season.

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If last year is any indication, jewelry sales rose about four percent compared to the previous year. While this upward trend is great news for jewelry retailers, they still need to entice shoppers with attractive jewelry showcases. For the high-end market, investing in elegant window displays and fine jewelry display cases made with glass, metal and/or wood is important for moving merchandise off the shelf. Even for costume jewelry, retail display fabrication is an important factor in driving multiple gift purchases.

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According to the National Retail Federation, 44 percent of holiday shoppers will visit grocery stores this holiday season. Whether shoppers are running to the store to pick up all the ingredients for their home-cooked holiday meals or just doing their regularly-scheduled shopping, grocery retailers use these visits as opportunities to drive more sales. Better product placement throughout the store is just one way grocers are meeting shoppers where they are, and reaping the benefits.

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Home Improvement

According to MasterCard, home improvement was another strong performer, rising nine percent from the previous year. Power tool purchases for dad are not the only thing retailers are counting on selling this holiday season. Big box home improvement stores offer aisles of holiday decorations and Christmas trees to peruse. This is the perfect season to deploy big merchandise displays to drive more hardware sales.


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