The Opportunity:

Serta, Inc. wanted new interactive product demo displays to launch their product called iComfort Directions mattress. They knew that if consumers could touch and feel the difference, that this would be the best way to communicate the distinct advantages of their proprietary design in the mattress market. They had used some similar concept plastic displays in showrooms in the past, but they were not holding up to the wear and tear of the retail showroom traffic.

The Solution:

KDM P.O.P. Solutions Group took the time to understand Serta’s marketing goals and address the challenges they had experienced. KDM’s 3D structural designers went to work to design a more rigid merchandise display that would communicate the advantages of the mattress. KDM changed the top surface material from an acrylic plastic to a high impact polycarbonate substrate. The top of the display was made larger than the base which allowed the unit to be displayed at an angle for better readability. KDM suggested the addition of graphic panels to the back of the display, utilizing more real estate to communicate the product’s marketing message.

Once the prototypes were approved, KDM’s engineers cut, bent, formed, glued and inserted the product samples. The graphics were printed via UV offset for best quality and longer life under the lights of the showroom, then mounted to the finished display’s surface. The product launch included the custom design, manufacturing and printing of 4,000 custom displays for the iComfort Directions mattress.

Additionally, KDM designed and produced 3,000 smaller custom displays for their iComfort mattress with similar interactive product features.

The Result:

The end product is a more durable display that communicates the distinct advantages of the mattress at the point-of-purchase. Consumers can feel the difference over the competitions offering. KDM’s structural designers exceeded the marketing goals of the client.