Boost Multilocation Retail Marketing Efficiency with Intellitrak

Brand compliance is key to shaping customer experiences and building loyalty across multilocation retail stores and restaurants. But for busy corporate marketing teams, point-of-purchase program management can take precious time and resources away from key projects. It’s hard to focus on product launches and multichannel campaigns when your team is also fielding one-off requests from local managers and franchisees.

Let Intellitrak handle it for you. Intellitrak removes the administrative burden of managing end-to-end retail marketing programs by giving you the power to:

  • Centralize brand assets and data on one platform that local stores can access to order ready-to-print materials
  • Maximize print spend with a single vendor that offers real-time inventory management
  • Maintain corporate brand compliance while offering localized print-on-demand capabilities

From instructional posters to seasonal menus to permanent brand signage, Intellitrak is the fast-track to multilocation marketing management made easy.


“If you want to build that relationship so that you don’t have to worry about this aspect of your business going forward and truly have a business partner, these are the people for you.”

— Buddy Brown, CEO Capstone Restaurant Group


Work smarter not harder with a team that has hustle. With us, you’re not a customer — you’re a partner.

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