Navigating Mr. Seafood Brand Through Uncharted Waters

Mr. Seafood is making a name for itself in the Carolinas. Starting with its original flagship in Columbia, this fast casual seafood spot is expanding quickly, with additional franchise locations opening in Charlotte and Beaufort in the coming months. But in order to grow, Mr. Seafood had to first create a distinct, yet scalable, brand presence. That’s when KDM’s expertise in franchise solutions came into play. We were able to revamp the Mr. Seafood brand inside and out within a matter of months, and set up a system of brand compliance for multiple locations. 

Mr. Seafood

Building the Brand

Before tackling a remodel of the flagship’s interior, we started by updating Mr. Seafood’s logo. It was a dramatic shift that was necessary to reflect a fast casual environment. Staying true to its namesake, we included a crab silhouette and breezy script font in a vibrant shade of red. We added a blue wave as a way to pay homage to the local waters where the restaurant’s food is sourced and personalized with location information. 

We brought the new logo to life by constructing custom interior and exterior signage. Using raised and embossed lettering and graphics, we created a beautifully unique LED backlit display that clearly gives diners a sense of place. These design details were incorporated throughout the interior store design

mr seafood restaurant interior

Retrofitting the Restaurant

As a busy restaurant environment operating within 1,200 square feet, we had to be creative about how to maximize the space. With no distinct look and feel, KDM created an entire restaurant environment from wall to wall. 

Speaking of the walls, we covered the walls with three unique wallpaper designs. One serves as a kind of oversized fish tank, with graphics of monochromatic fish swimming through. Another wall serves as a “selfie station,” where visitors can take photos to share on social media and/or snap a selfie with the owner, Mr. Seafood himself. And, a focal wall that not only features photos but also tells the story of Mr. Seafood on its custom wallpaper, shows the restaurant’s true character as one that values its community. 

Mr. Seafood

Scaling the Franchise

With the framework of the original location in place, we were able to create a comprehensive brand manual that details all of the components of building out an on-brand Mr. Seafood. From paint colors and wall paper designs to custom store fixtures and materials, everything franchisees need to build out their space is spec’d. KDM makes the process easy for future franchisees by adapting the store layout to their location’s unique architecture. By streamlining the build-out process, we advise on the best way to situate every important component, including where to place cash wraps, signage and fixtures. And when it comes time for installation, we not only craft the components in-house but also install them on-site. 

“KDM blew us away. They are very detailed, very knowledgeable. Working with KDM has been a great experience. We’d refer them to anyone. Every store that Mr. Seafood opens will definitely be with KDM.”
Rasheed Nurudin, Owner of Mr. Seafood

We look forward to seeing Mr. Seafood grow its footprint, are honored to support the brand’s continued success and enjoy their award-winning garlic butter sauce anytime.

kdm logo for retail division

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