QSR + Fast Casual Means One Thing with Signage-Faster Lines + Higher Margins

With restaurants across the U.S. pivoting on an almost weekly basis, many proprietors are questioning how to be successful moving forward this year as the COVID pandemic lessens.

QSRs + Fast Casual have become heroes during the pandemic.  They have had to create a completely different consumer experience in a very quick time by offering, curbside pick-up, contactless delivery, and other variations that have permitted them to stay open and operating when so many other companies have closed. This is why QSR + Fast Casual Means Only One Thing with Signage – Faster Lines & Higher Margins!

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Why Does QSR Matter

QSR matters because when the door opens, and a frequent customer enters your establishment, or a new customer stops by your establishment, what do you think they see first?  Does your current establishment signage suggest an image of a modern quick-service restaurant for instance (QSR + Fast Casual)?  Does the signage make ordering easy? Or does it make the customer turn and walk away?

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QSR + Fast Casual Location

No matter where your QSR + Fast Casual is located, your decision method always begins with how the customers are looking at your signage display. Your signage is one of the most important components in your establishment. Good design will decrease wait times, increase foot traffic and this will result in a happier customer. This is why most QSRs + Fast Casual establishments wanting to project a modern look is done through updated and branded signage.

For QSRs + Fast Casual that provide drive thru or curbside pickup services, your outside signage can enhance a customer’s pickup experience with engaging content and clear instructions. This can lead to a decrease in customer wait times, increasing adaptability, and signage that simply looks gorgeous and draws customers in. KDM had a variety of exterior signage solutions.

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Eye-catching signage for QSR + Fast Casual:

  1. Increased Customer satisfaction!
  2. Enticing new customers with bright and vibrant indoor and outdoor digital signage displays.
  3. Immediate updates on menu items, malleable to day-to-day changes.
  4. Quicker restaurants wait time for customers when ordering or getting takeout.

QSR + Fast Casual is a very competitive industry especially when your neighbor is your competitor.  That is why your signage needs to stand out and draw the customer in!  Have a new promotion? Need to ensure your regional locations have access to the right branded materials? Want to provide store managers the ability to act swiftly to competition, local trends and reduce excess inventory?  INTELLITRAK™  does it all with print on demand features and store profiling intelligence, making it the ideal platform to support your brand’s promotional marketing campaigns and programs while reducing time and associated administrative costs.


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