Blending POP Print With Technology to Engage Shoppers

Posted Friday, March 14, 2014

Wide Format Goes Cross Media
Wide Format Goes Cross Media

POP signage and displays are becoming interactive and integral to the cross media mix:

Marketers are using point-of-purchase print materials as a medium to integrate technologies such as QR Codes, Augmented Reality and NFC Tags to interact with and engage shoppers in-store. 4 out of 5 consumers are using a smartphone when they shop [Source:] to get more information: check prices, find promotions, read product reviews or get product information. Shoppers can use their mobile devices to interact with signage at the very time when they are most likely to buy. 

KDM POP Solutions Group was a featured speaker recently for a webinar regarding how we are blending print with technology in retail settings and why our customers; consumer brands and retailers, are using technology to make it easier for shoppers to buy. The webinar, titled "Wide Format Goes Cross Media", was part of The Emerging Markets Webinar Series hosted by InfoTrends. The analysis and insights that came out of the webinar have been complied into an informative whitepaper with the same title, authored by InfoTrends. This whitepaper discusses the trends that POP print providers will need to adopt in order to drive success in 2014 and beyond. It considers the effects of social media and mobile technologies on the printing industry and the role that wide format digital printing will play, as well as the vertical markets that will offer the greatest opportunities. It also discusses why these technologies are being integrated and highlights some great examples: from creating a buzz to capturing data to boosting sales.

Why integrating technology with print is important to our customers:

  • There are 30,000 SKUs introduced every year
  • Consumers are hit with 3,000 messages every day from all marketing channels
  • It takes just 3 seconds to make an impact in store
  • Brands can use technology as a marketing stimulus to engage shoppers in all the clutter and stand out at the shelf
  • Retailers can use technology to create a seamless in-store shopping experience by bridging the gab between their in-store and online presence.

Download the Free Whitepaper analysis now: "Wide Format Goes Cross Media" 

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Ernst Kuhlmann 03/20/14 7:39 AM

I totally agree with the article. Shopper marketing can learn from brand activation specialists as well, especially keeping in mind their target is immediate product sales and conversion. The idea would also be to get product promotions via traditional marketing to convert into an immediate sale. We currently working on such a technology platform.
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