The Secrets to Building a Great Brand

Posted Friday, March 21, 2014

One of the most important and challenging aspects for retailers these days is building your brand. We’ve seen many failures recently, like Blockbuster and Barnes and Noble, while others struggle to survive, such as JC Penney. According to the 2014 Brand Keys Customer Loyalty Engagement Index (CLEI), consumer expectations are rising, and many brands are not keeping up with those consumer expectations.

Brands such as Victoria’s Secret, Nike, Whole Foods and Apple have stood out among their competitors as brands that have been successful in building a great brand with amazing consumer loyalty. Consumers have emotionally engaged with these brands across multi-channels, creating a connection associated with “brand buzz”, the “shopping experience”, and the “value for dollar”. 

The traditional, mass messaging that marketers have relied upon for decades is no longer effective. A new arsenal of techniques has been adopted and is proving to be successful for brands. Denise Lee Yohn, a leading authority on building and positioning exceptional brands such as Sony and Frito-Lay, has developed a manifesto titled “A Brand-Builders Guide to the Universe: 17 Ways to Build a Great Brand Today”. In this download she highlights 17 developments that are influencing successful brand-building in the ever changing world of shopper marketing and the path to purchase.

For this KDM Blog we’d like to discuss two of her observations that resonate with our retail customers:

1. “Every brand touch point is becoming a moment of truth”

The “First Moment of Truth” (FMOT), a term coined by marketers at P&G, is defined as the three to seven seconds when a shopper notices a product in a retail environment and decides to either pick it up or pass it by. Thus, the brand packaging, merchandise displays and POP materials need to capture the shoppers’ attention in order to be considered.

Today, there are so many ways that people interact with brands, creating multiple moments of truth in a customer’s path to purchase. These touches can either enhance the brand experience or undermine it. Touchpoints such as: a search result, a consumer review, an employee’s greeting, a product display and more, are an opportunity for brand impression. 

2. “Retail store design is the next innovation frontier”

In 2013, Apple was awarded a trademark for the “Distinctive Design & Layout” of its stores. The ruling means that fake Apple stores will be forced to shut down. This news points to a new reality in retail: design innovation is as important in the retail store experience as it is in products in developing a brand. Some examples she pointed to are Tesco’s virtual subway store allowing commuters to order their groceries for later delivery; Burberry adding RFID-enabled fitting rooms; Kanye West Yeezus pop-up shop. These great brands design their retail store experiences to reflect their unique brand identities as much as their products do.

“Great brands continuously seek out opportunities for
brand expression in even the finest details of execution
and they design their brand experiences down to the last detail.”

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